Kouluttaja: Englannin kielen kouluttaja Kevin Hanley

Finns and International Communication is a half-day seminar designed to get Finns to feel more comfortable in potentially stressful international situations. Though the types of situations presented may cause stress, the atmosphere of the seminar will be relaxed, low-stress and supportive. The course will be divided into four sections:

1) Small Talk

Small talk may feel difficult, but most people don't realize they are already pretty good at it. We will begin by debunking the myth that Finns don't small talk, and discuss why Finns aren't perhaps as comfortable as natives when doing so. Next, five important tips to make you better at small talk will be given, and we will do some low-stress practice situations along the way. We will finish up this section by discussing which small talk topics are allowed, and which are best avoided.

2) Situational English

These 'typical situations' (for example, what do you say the first time you meet somebody? How about the second?) are one of the first things you learn, but maybe the hardest to put into practice.  We will discuss why. We will then go through ten common situations, and discuss what is the typical response for each situation.

3) Writing emails

Emails are probably the main type of international communication these days, and are only growing in importance. For this part of the course, we will give you seven emails tips (for example, what are some different ways to sign off?), and then go through ten writing mistakes that Finns commonly make. Many Finns worry that they are not being polite enough, and this will also be addressed.

4) Talking about your job and your company 

One of the first questions you are asked in any international situation is 'What do you do?'. With the help of key commonly used phrases, and the feedback provided by the trainer, you will write up a brief summary of both your job and your company.  You will never have to struggle with this question again.

After completing this course, you will:

  • know the key pointers in improving your small talk skills
  • have a list of key phrases used in everyday life/work situations
  • have improved abilities to talk about your job and company in a professional manner
  • know how Finnish English compares to other countries

Join us for an instructive and enjoyable morning of English language learning.

A sneak-peek video into the course: Small talk tips for Finns

The course will be held in English and it includes a tasty breakfast.

Price: 295 € (inc. VAT)

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Event time

30.5.2018 09:00
30.5.2018 12:15

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Event location

Delingua Oy
Mechelininkatu 1a
00180 Helsinki


020 743 1389

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